How long do deer licks last

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If possible, I also try to refresh my mineral sites on a weekday. During the rut a mineral lick can bring in the very doe that has the Boone and Crockett buck following her. They really like it when it's mixed with the dirt, and I put mine out on limestone outcroppings. For best results, place one Full Potential mineral supplement close to every food plot, or at least one per every 80 acres of habitat. All times are GMT They will tear up the stump to get at the mineral. Stay off the lick at least 30 yards for archery hunting and be well hidden.

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To begin, you will need to go to your local feed store and purchase three bags of ingredients Stock Salt, Trace Mineral, and Di-Calcium Phosphate.

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How to Attract Deer With a Salt Block

While they are wondering we will continue to kill monster deer and raise them faster. Deer are wary when they come to a salt block, as they know predators could be waiting for them. It will take probably 2 years of keeping minerals out before any significant change will be noted. All three blocks are the same ones from Tractor Supply and were put out the same day. Nutritional specialists have found that calcium and phosphorus account for 33 percent of hardened antler and that antlers are about 55 percent mineral.

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how long do deer licks last

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