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He's so muscle-bound, he can barely move. Shop and Support Search. As Hunter No one's ever gotten that before. Copyright Fresh Air. The three parents are together when Julie's laptop computer chimes.

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My hat is off to him for the scene in which he's forced to participate in a sort of backwards beer-chugging contest.

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Prom Night - nial

You know what that means? You're OK to me. John Cena is more a face-puller than actor, but he's so dopey and vulnerable that it doesn't matter. As Mitchell Oh, no, no, no, maybe not. And the three girls - Kathryn Newton as Julie, Geraldine Viswanathan as Kayla, and Gideon Adlon as Sam - are so superbly self-possessed that even I, father of two teenage girls, felt reasonably comfortable with most of their decisions, though their projectile vomiting from drugs and drinking had me thinking about texting my kids. And still, they go forward, enacting some ancient guardianship ritual that feels right even when it's wrong, which is incredibly funny if they're not your parents, anyway. Hunter is trying to correct for a lifetime of errors in one night.

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