Cat lick gave me itchy rash

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Allergic symptoms can take a few minutes to develop when you come into contact with a cat, but it can also take a few hours, depending on your level of sensitivity. However, she is now developing 2 red rashes on her back leg. It goes on top of her head and all over the outside of her ears. She is fed high quality cat food. The vet could not tell us what it is but gave her 2 injections which if anything have made it worse. Some advice even to let the vet know so we save time and avoid going to vet 10 times instead of ?

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Skin Rash in Cats

Hi I was wondering what type of rash my cat possible has on her stomach and what we could do to help her get rid of it. Medication Used Had two injections. I first noticed a small scab just below his right ear with some redness around it. Medication Used none known. They look sore and pink in these areas He was flea treated when we moved in but the house was very dirty and dusty. She was a stray cat. We have taken her to a vet and she has no fleas no nothing.

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cat lick gave me itchy rash
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cat lick gave me itchy rash
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