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Use our primer on personal lubricants to keep sex comfortable and safe during pregnancy. Many of those benefits can also provide some welcome relief from some of the discomforts you might be feeling these days. Later, as the uterus grows, some positions may become more difficult to perform. How will my partner feel? Many women find that if intercourse is too clumsy or uncomfortable, oral sex or mutual masturbation are pleasurable alternatives. Among the different sex positions while pregnant, this one puts you in control of penetration depth, speed, rhythm, and angles.

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Find out how to keep your sex life fun.

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Best sex positions during pregnancy

Diet, Exercise, and--a Good Relationship? For instance, burning a few extra calories can make it a bit easier for you to avoid gaining too much weight during pregnancyand a stronger immune system can help shield her from the effects of a cold or the flu. That said, experts swear these are the best sex positions during pregnancy. And if you have questions or concerns at any point during your pregnancy, bring them up with your health care provider to set your mind at ease. All of this is normal. Here's how to make your sex life more fun.

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during position pregnancy sex
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during position pregnancy sex
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