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If an organization wishes to retain the ergonomic, versatile AR15 system for sniper use without moving to the larger, heavier. Jun 27, 4. The gr AMAX consistently offers nearly perfect terminal performance characteristics in unobstructed shots—ideal penetration, good fragmentation, and perfectly placed large temporary cavity. I shoot grain bullets and split the difference. I am sure an abundance of discussion will ensue on this issue.

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Following the principles applied during the First World War, America initially refrained from involvement in this second European war.

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7.62×51mm NATO

Now I want one that would handle yard match shooting…. At yards the raw drop opens up to 9. It is also commonly found in coaxial mount applications such as found in parallel with the main gun on tanks. Didn't triple check what I wrote. Navy Small Arms Ammunition Advancements - 7. Go to Desktop Style. The Federal Tactical load using the gr Trophy Bonded Bear Claw JSP offers superb terminal performance in both unobstructed shots, as well as those through intermediate; it is the most tried and tested barrier blind load, however, accuracy is typically in the 1.

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308 175 grain penetration
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308 175 grain penetration
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