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Saunas are part of a tradition that could stretch back to the Native American sweatlodge, the Finnish lake-side sauna, and the Russian banya. Sipping my apple tea, I thought to myself, hey, not too bad! I was like, this is supposed to be relaxing! If you need to escape the heat If you'd like a massage or a facial: Like I said before, I have some strange personality quirks, and paying to be touched by a complete stranger does not sound at all appealing to me, unless of course it is the dark-haired, tall Turkish man from my fantasies. I bought one of the same towels in the markets, they are so incredibly soft It kinda looked like this except the room was way bigger and nicer, and it was all woman. The only image I had of massages was lying face down on a table with a towel over you.

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First off—this goes against the chief principle of sauna-ing:

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Sauna Etiquette (or How To Be Naked with Strangers)

How lovely, I thought to myself, lulled into a false sense of security. Of course, like how things most often work out in my life, a group of about 8 Russian women came in next, along with a big group of middle aged German ladies, one of whom, lay her towel out on the platform and was wearing bathing suit bottoms. People feel culturally connected to the practice and are usually happy to explain it to newcomers. Tip-toeing to my towel, I quickly laid on my stomach, hoping this would be over quickly. Hey, I was getting used to it!

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nude turkish bath gif
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nude turkish bath gif
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