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Steam Ninja Scrolls When word reached Konoha that Mirai Sarutobi hadn't packed enough ninja tools for her escort mission at YugakureTenten was tasked with delivering supplementary baggage to the kunoichi. As she was in charge of the weapons supply room for preparations of the Fourth Shinobi World Warshe decided to round up all the Konoha girls to a Barbecue dinner so that their minds would be taken off from all the stress, and have a night surrounded by friends before the war started. Ultimately, Tenten's team arrive in time to qualify. Naruto is only wearing his shirt. For the first exam, Tenten and her teammates were randomly split into different rooms. When Naruto later contacted his comrades telepathically, Tenten and Lee both sensed Naruto calling them and went without hesitation.

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Later, Tenten can be seen at the Third Hokage 's funeral alongside the other villagers, mourning his death.

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He stood still for a second, thinking of who it could be; but he suddenly knew, and he quickly wanted to get out. Path of the Ninja 2. Despite this, Ajisai showed an obvious resentment to the Five Great Shinobi Countries for not understanding the struggles of smaller villages. Tenten was assigned to lead a team of three Academy students. Ultimately, they were able to escape their cave-in when Tenten unsealed a vast amount of water to forcibly wash away the rubble. As everyone got ready to charge, Guy, Lee and Tenten were shown to be standing together by one another, with Guy stating that their youth is limitless, with Lee and Tenten agreeing to their sensei, and getting ready to jump into battle. She appeared to gain the upper hand in the battle when she succeeded in disarming Raiga until he ultimately overwhelmed her with his techniques.

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ten ten from naruto naked
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