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Several fans noted that the park was not empty. Amen to every comment here! Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Here are some of the times and reasons why Jenelle was arrested. But, as fans witnessed on TM2, they were definitely not a good influence on one another.

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James Duffy is an old man seeking attention through a young foolish girl.

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Nude Photos, Sext Messages, And More Drama For Teen Mom Star Jenelle Evans

This is one pic in a long line of many that fans was just a bit too provocative for the public eye. We became friends again and sleeping together again Sometime in june we made the news again when we were sleeping together because her boyfriend at the time found out Gary had showed up at my house with an ak 47 to retrieve her panties and it was tweeted all over about this despite our past She continues to be a bitch to me and denies that we ever slept together even after star magazine polygraph me To prove it I posted pictures of jenelle masturbating and several text messages from her telling me how much she likes sex with me she went as far as to say she likes the way I use sex toys on her. Just admit what you did and chalk it up to being young, dumb, and taken advantage of! Have you met a celebrity? This old perv is a creep!!!! I guarantee you he told Jenelle he had mucho connections to Playboy or others and convinced her to pose in the nude. He has misrepresented himself to many a young girl.

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  2. I almost totally agree with this statement. I don't think it's JUST the guys, though. The industry as a whole is abusive to women.