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Traditionally, those considered more prone to nostalgia are the aged. Although camera- phone technology is globally diffused, my efforts to find evidence for nostalgic consumption of photos in blogs of teenagers from other countries proved unfruitful. Hence, it is a "technology of self" in the sense of DeNora's account of music, rather than "suspension of the self" in the sense of Hennion and Gomart's account: What Would We Take Instead? But contrary to school graduation ceremonies, usually documented by parents, this rite is a part of youth-subculture, documented by the teenagers themselves. How many innocent white people have been murdered by black people since ?

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Again, that is an issue with the people who are in charge of what is and is not made into a story, which is not reserved to one side or the other side of the ideological spectrum.

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For Tannock and Davis, nostalgia is a "periodising emotion", which contrasts the stable situation of prelapsarian past with the gloomy present, thus organising a person's life Tannock, Which race boxes to check on your college application. Hate hoaxes are a sign of mob power and mob power can only exist with the consent or willingness to look the other way of the authorities. Mica Nova et al. He suggested that in the world of new media, the narrative logic of the film or the book is being replaced by the non-narrative logic of databases and search algorithms. According to Stearns, "Middle class people … use leisure safely to compensate for the growing stringency of their emotional life" p.

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