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Tonight is my night! Your dick…my mouth isn't big enough…" she gasped. Her gender and home circumstances would leave her the second best girl to the genius boy genius. As he moved his hands over his chest and bum, he caught a glimpse of Cindy's corpse and reached for the dick and balls he simply couldn't contain in the pair of panties he was wearing. With that kind of sexual frustration —" "Oh, shut up!

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That should've been fatal for the bitch, and yet she's alive and her face looks just as bad as I found it.

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Cindy's eyes shot open as it scraped her uvula, and the taste of their excretions made her hurl all over it. Jimmy just grabbed her shoulders and spun her around in a grand motion, snickering. Ready for the final blow, Jimmy spun around just in time and ejaculated right over Cindy's crushed head. Yet still, it wasn't enough. Just In All Stories: She felt globs of poop push past her anus as the massive dong displaced what she had planned to push out before bed.

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