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ESafety Commissioner Julie Inman Grant said there had been a spike in complaints about the site this week with about reports. There are several disputed contemporary accounts detailing the scores of dead young girls found. Yet one name remains surprisingly unknown, even though this person was probably the most prolific murderer of all time: Unable to break free, the victims were allegedly whipped, beaten, and maimed using blades; while some had needles driven between their toes and into their gums, others were scalded with boiling water, branded with red-hot irons or forced to stand naked in the snow while cold water was poured over them. Some are unaware their photos have been taken. The site steals images of social media accounts and posts them asking if anyone has naked photos of the girls — some from Australian high schools in Penrith and Newcastle in New South Wales, Horsham in Victoria and the Gold Coast in Queensland. Over the years, there have been mass murderers who were so evil that they continue to enjoy a rather dubious level of notoriety in history books.

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Despite all these inconsistencies, Elizabeth was found guilty.

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She tortured hundreds of naked girls to death. Her cruelty remains notorious until this day.

This is when her reign of terror is said to have begun. She died there four years later. A website has returned sharing photos of girls - some still in high school. While her coconspirators were burned at the stake, Elisabeth was locked up in a windowless cell containing only a small slot for the passing of food. Elizabeth Bathory — 16th century deranged serial killer or victim of betrayal? SukebanAxxx February 5, Her tale is shrouded in mystery and nobody knows exactly how many people fell victim to her evil deeds.

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