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Or in other words; a just society doesn't punish people for what others do. You seem to be conflating a few things here and you need to clarify. If you want better laws, find better politicians. And, given both and not saying which came from where, it is virtually impossible for anyone to tell them apart or to determine with any certainty their point of origin. Perhaps if the content industry embraced their model, they too could make money like Usenet service providers do. The entertainment industry is interested in only one thing, and it ain't the artists!

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You are talking about a loss of controlled distribution.

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Entertainment Industry Gets Another Usenet Provider To Shut Down: Is Usenet Illegal?

Prisoner8 Nov Now, despite the fact that their digital distribution is astronomically cheaper, the industry still insists on charging the same price. It's just not going to to the Entertainment companies. The Content industries need to adapt not force internet censorship on us. But, you don't care about that as long as your masters get paid, right? When you try to add any complication to that equation, the results will always fail. I guess if they're not making money, then people might as well be burning their money, right?

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