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Patterson originally cared for Koko at the San Francisco Zoo as part of her doctoral research at Stanford University after Koko developed a life-threatening illness. Animal Bodies, Human Minds: Animal language Animal communication Primate cognition Animal cognition Human—animal communication. The lawsuits were settled out of court. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Ron Cohn, a biologist with the foundation, explained to the Los Angeles Times that when she was given a lifelike stuffed animal, she was less than satisfied. Interviewed by Deborah Netburn.

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In Tuttle, Russell Howard.

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Gorilla Reproduction

Researchers said that she tried to nurse All Ball and was very gentle and loving. After their first ovulatory cycle, they have to wait for a two-year period to breed an infant. Cambridge University Press, p. This low reproduction rate complicates the recovery of continuously decimated populations. For example, when Koko signed "sad" there was no way to tell whether she meant it with the connotation of "How sad. San Jose State University. Communication in Humans and Other Animals.

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