Medeteranian facial features

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The Greek and Roman people considered the Germanic and Celtic peoples to be wild, red haired barbarians. This individual is aberrant in head breadth, but otherwise typical. Atlantids will have a bigger tendency to a longer face. This individual shows some traits characteristic of this element. A Moldavian farmer This Mediterranean type is common in Rumania on the plains of Moldavia and Wal- lachia, as well as in Bulgaria, but is largely replaced by brachycephalic forms in the Carpathians. The Caucasic peoples include in their racial repertoire a strong bru- net Mediterranean element of the type shown above; this is especially prevalent among the Cherkesses, of whom this individual apparently forms a good example. The predominant Alpine element present in this individual is presumably that which entered Scotland from the Continent during the Bronze Age with the Short Cist People.

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An Armenian from Cilicia, Asia Minor.

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Mediterranean race

Here only the Riffian group will be depicted. Archived copy as title All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from May This is to be expected, since it was they who produced it and it, in a sense, that produced them". The southwest-German Borreby nucleus has mixed with all invaders from the initial Neolithic onwards. This second zone, however, is one of immense racial complexity.

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