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It's interesting how times have changed. That does sound very arousing but also a little bit humilliating. I wasn't embarrassed once I realized I was being seen and ogled, but rather aroused and excited about my butt with this thermometer sticking out of it for all to see. When I moved a little during the insertion, I got a little smack on the butt and was told to hold still. I used to use put small items in my rectum at that age and masturbate even though I really didn't want the nurse taking my temp.

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I have seen my girlfriend having her rectal tem taken at the doctor.

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Being seen having a Rectal Temp

The door bell rang and it was a neighbor with her 12 year old daughter. It doesn't matter if the person is male or female but I feel more at ease when another female does it. I was wheeled into an x-ray room and several x-rays were taken of my head and body. Mom shut the door to the bedroom and answered the door. Of course, never missing a word in her conversation.

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