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Despite these things and the various shades that we may come in we are all still black and are the similar in essence. All work published on MD is the intellectual property of its creators, and requires permission to be republished. Your black is your black for a reason. A world drunk on white supremacy and patriarchy creates an ugly cocktail for black women of all hues. In a recent interview, Zendaya acknowledged:

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There wasn't blatant colorism but it still existed subtly.

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We need to talk about light-skinned privilege

The rest of my baby moms [are] light-skinned chicks. Her beauty does not take away from your own. I never wanted to complain to the women in my family because I thought my struggles would never equate to theirs. All the acne scars and all the hair. I still watch her glow and I know that I glow too.

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light skinned black ladies
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