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His hoarse words verified to her what was happening to him. Far more fun that she had with her own team. Then she disengaged her body from his prior to lying down in front of him onto the soft grass, propping up on her forearms. They were at times coordinated, with some distracting her, while others tryed to attack her. Naruto shrugged, grinning at the truth she told. As she grinded down, she was aware he was grinding back, sending new sparks of pleasure through their beings.

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Taking a few steps to stand close to him, Tenten did her best to ignore the severe smell that was increasing her desire.

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How can you learn anything while mostly on the move? Feeling the tension in her core drawing ever tighter, the girl knew the explosion was coming and it was going to be huge. Others can easily have one-night stands due to seeing sex as physical pleasure with no deeper feelings involved. Tenten tenderly laughed, shaking her head at his apprehension. Breaking the lip-lock out of need for air, Tenten panted a bit as she stared at him, but a moment later, she grinned sultry at her whisker-faced male friend. Turning slightly to put the deodorant away, Naruto stepped on his discarded boxers, and the smooth material of the underwear caused him to slip, not enough to make him fall but enough for him to let go of the deodorant.

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naruto having sex with tenten
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naruto having sex with tenten
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