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Africans have been as a people under Siege - Literally and Practically; daily and to date! There are many reasons why all the above issues did not take hold in South Africa. Resenting this man who dared keep her from her true love, Victoria was now helpless to escape the marriage bed. The only potential for class relationships existed in societies where there was 'chieftainship'. The result obtained already allow us to undertake the cultural education and evaluation of the African consciousness in that sense. Also, they should be made aware that Christianity is an adaptable religion that fits in with the cultural situation of the people to whom it is imparted" Blacks, their religion and culture.

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Those African societies that were once relatively standardized in the life cycles of many African societies are giving way to a myriad of new cultures which share only a few similarities with one another.

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And their 'kings' called 'chiefs, and every African person a 'Kaffir' that despite their dull efforts at doing this, one can simply see this from the Boer Trekker, Piet Retief and the Dutch sailor, Jan Van Riebeeck, how their attitudes towards Africans were vehemently racist and very mean towards Africans and the San. By some logic, they argued that theirs was a scientific religion and ours was mere superstition in spite of the biological discrepancies so obvious in the bases of their religion. This point is a common lore in the discourse of Africans about the way those Africans who extol the virtues of Western superiority, but clandestinely steal away and find their way to the respectable cultures, traditions, languages and the whole bit. Christina Bennett had taken London soiety y storm. But in one night of terror, condemned to death, their lives are irrevocable bound by desperate desire. Nothing had prepared Eden to awaken in an elegant bedchamber in a remote corner of Cornwall.

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