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Seth has penetrated Horus' anus with his seed. Niankh-Khnum-Hotep, which means "joined in life, joined in death" or "joined in peace". When night falls, Set orders a bed to be made for the both of them, planning to have intercourse with him; indeed, various artifacts affirm that they engaged in sexual intercourse. I am surprised that so much information was found on such a wealth of sexual information. The dryness of the desert is Seth, who kills off life. It is often unclear whether a word refers to rape or to adultery. I am stronger than the lord of strength.

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Niankh-Khnum-Hotep, which means "joined in life, joined in death" or "joined in peace".

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10 Bizarre Sexual Facts From Ancient Egypt

Seth invites Horus to a party and convinces the teenage Horus to drink more than Horus could normally cope with. It remains unclear, what exact view the ancient Egyptians fostered about homosexuality. In the class we covered large portions of history in Europe and the US but we did not cover Ancient Egypt so I was excited to read your post. Homosexual intercourse between a king and his general is implied in the fragmentary 'Tale of Neferkara and Sasenet', in the description of secret nocturnal visits by the king to the general, detected by the hero of the tale; although the tale is damaged, it reads as if the nocturnal visits are considered illicit. You sit in front of the wench, sprinkled with perfume; your garland hangs around your neck and you drum on your paunch; you reel and fall on your belly and are filthied with dirt.

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women have sex with horus
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women have sex with horus
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