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Who cares about the 'education level' of the whores they rent? They're all on PreP. Also, would the other hysterical moral police queens who are slut shaming him or condemning escorting as this horrible, awful choice ALSO please shut the fuck up. You make sooooo many assumptions I'd feel sorry for your, except you choose to a obnoxious cunt. Sorry, but you're not coming off well here at all. Don't make my thread more vile than even I want it to be.

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We all know that DL is not a bastion of unbiased journalism, but let's not confuse gossip with personal attacks or speculation with fabrications.

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Jack Mackenroth is now a WHORE... As in PROSTITUTE, not famewhore (well, both)

Sex worker was some sort of political statement about sex positive blah blah? And please take the phrase "slut shaming" and shove it, along with all the other PC bullshit jargon. By Jack hope your dance card is full. The only thing that matters about me is the information I can bring to the table I thought sugar daddies would go for something way more different as in much younger as they are and HIV negative.

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  1. he's the one filming! he likes to share me sometimes. I like to serve him. it works out!