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Inuyasha had always came off to her as a little socially awkward, a little shy, and perhaps even a bit dorky with his glasses and choice of attire, but truly Kagome adored that about him and his obvious love for weapons, especially swords. Demons are tough to beat after all. Kagome gasped and she bowed her back, effectively pushing her chest into his mouth and he happily obliged, content to suckle and nip at hard peak through the lace. It meant that perhaps this little thing between them could go deeper than just sex, that maybe a relationship between them was a possibility. Kagome tossed her cloths onto the growing pile and stretched.

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She immediately glanced around.

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Kagome Higurashi

Several other couples, mostly youkai, arrived and took their seats in the gallery, but still no Sesshomaru, so Kagome decided to freshen up while she waited. She was a little shocked but sat down anyways. He had sat, growling under his breath about ignorant females and tapping his claws on the desk, when in walked a petite woman, perhaps five foot seven including the one inch heels she wore, with an abundance of ebony hair and striking azure-colored eyes. The thought of a relationship with this beautiful, intelligent and sassy woman was just far too good to screw this up. Kagome sat silently in the theatre's private box. He had turned to find a delightfully petite, human woman approaching him.

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kagome higurashi hot ass
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