Why do dell computer suck

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You can probably see how sitting on the couch, with the computer on your lap could produce a wire tension, ant thus cause intermittent disconnects. Dr David Garber Says: I then spent the remaining 45 minutes on hold, after being told it would take 2 to 3 minutes twice, to find that the guy only had a number for me to call to get more information. Thanks for this post. Depending on your computer knowledge, their tech support pays for the overcharging on the hardware

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If you have that large of a digital collection, you really wouldn't be in this price bracket, would you?

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What's so bad about Dell?

I am in the middle of laptop hell trying to: Apparently this was the wrong thing to say: Just out of interest: Just because you fixed your mommys PC before, dont mean you qualify to say you own a repair business, LOL. I just got rid of my Dell for a computer I built myself and it's much better. Their computer is okay as long as you dont do overclock.

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why do dell computer suck
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why do dell computer suck
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