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I could actually see myself, vividly, standing in my room earlier that day playing with matches. Occasionally he stopped to lecture her a bit. The magazine lay open on the coffee table in front of them. Dad steps over him and with his wife leaves the room. She had no intention of testing him on that one. When she finally had the crying out of her system, father escorted her to her bedroom. Dad has his little spanking rituals; he always has done.

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And I want you to tell me in 10 words or less.

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When Dad got home

The room is hot now the window is closed. Dad has not finished; he wants to make sure I understand the gravity of my misbehaviour; so he wraps his right leg across both of my calves and I am trapped. Bobby ran around the other side and I ran after him, but my big feet caught in the wires. Kylie gasped for a breath, but it was knocked out of her momentarily by the blitzkrieg of spanks landing on her backside. Anyway, even though I don't approve of smoking, I believe that 20 is an acceptable age to decide for yourself what you want to do. Anonymous July 15, at 4: Having missed her terribly since she left for college, it was very hard for her to only get to see Kylie for a few minutes the night before, just to hear her in such agony only moments later.

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dads that spank stories
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dads that spank stories
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  1. me for one, i woud like nothing better than to have my adoptive father make me his i'm not big on the degradation or brutality from this video but the concept of it makes me hotter than just abount any thing else